Collaborate – Dramaturg in Residence

South East Dance’s Dramaturg in Residence programme has just been turbo-charged with a generous grant from the Garrick Charitable Trust of £5000.  The Dramaturg in Residence (DiR) programme offers support to artists through four key strands of work - Test: intensive workshops with our Dramatrug in Residence Lou Cope and Guest Dramaturgs Martin Hargreaves, Collaborate: in-depth dramaturgical support for artists creating a new work, Embed: evolving our artistic strategy as an organisation through high-level support of a specific artist and Reflect: our online resources available for artists to access and share, hosted on our mini-site The Red Line.   


The Garrick Charitable Trust’s award will enable us to offer extra Collaborate support to an artist at a pivotal stage in their career.  Artist Rachel Birch-Lawson presented a project we felt compelled to engage with and invest Lou Cope’s dramaturgical flair.  ‘To the Moon’ is a stunningly beautiful duet that addresses crumbling, shifting landscapes, vulnerability and overcoming obstacles through transcendence.

The funds have also allowed us to partner with Dance4 and host an intensive Test workshop for ten artists.Test provided a supportive environment where participants could practically and theoretically interrogate and explore the definition, application and methods of dramaturgy and dramaturgical thinking.  Humbled by the number of applications received for our Collaborate award, receiving over 70 submissions but with only 9 places to offer, we were equally impressed to behold the vitality of our next-generation talent emerging on our choreographic horizon.

Our digital offering will also receive a boost with this year’s Guest Dramaturg Luke Pell delivering four online discussions where he shares his approach to developing practice and methodologies when creating new work, how he navigates his creative road-blocks and tests ideas. Please visit The Red Line for further information in the coming weeks.

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Collaborate – Dramaturg in Residence
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