Bringing you international Screen Dance from Festival Quartiers Danse, Montreal

As part of our Autumn 2020 digital dance season we’re delighted to be collaborating with Montreal’s only festival dedicated entirely to dance, Festival Quartiers Danses to present highlights of this year’s festival offering.

Our relationship with Festival Quartiers Danses began in 2019 when our Artistic Director Cath James met the festival’s Artistic Director Rafik Hubert Sabbagh at a dance festival in  Paris. Both were struck by their shared organisational belief in the power of dance to change people’s lives.

Rafik was particularly interested in our Welcome Project and invited our Senior Producer, Participation, Rose Kigwana, to visit Festival Quartiers Danses in 2019 to take part as a guest promoter. We were hoping to repay the favour and welcome the festival’s Cultural Médiation Producer to Our City Dances this year but sadly COVID-19 has put those plans on hold.

This year’s Festival Quartiers Danses highlights the contribution of women’s influence in dance, with a programme packed with the work of powerful and resilient creators, chiming perfectly with our own Screen Dance season launching later this month.  

Rose says: ‘’Last year Festival Quartiers Danses was held in theatres, cinemas, museums, Universities, markets and on the city streets across Montreal. I met some fascinating people, including indigenous artist Barbara Kaneratonni Diabo, who is Kanienkehaka (Mohawk) and originally from First Nations reserve Kahnawakein Quebec but now living in Montreal. Look out for Barbara’s short film, Smudge programmed to be released online on 13 September.

‘’During my visit, I was inspired by the festival’s mission of making dance more democratic and its approach to highlighting the diversity of Montreal’s dance sector in all its hybrid forms. This very much reflects South East Dance’s own mission of challenging perceptions of dance, so it feels fitting that we are sharing this year’s programme with our audiences.’’

Festival Quartiers Danses’ 18th edition for 2020 will be presented online and live in the city of Montreal from 11-20 September. Our recommended highlights include:  

Nwär performed by Haitian-born Montreal-based artist Thaïna Rosinvil, her first work for Festival Quartiers Danses. “A masterpiece in the making,” says Cath James.
Ore by Kim-Sanh Châu and Ray Lavers, filmed entirely on location in Saigon.
Smudge by Barbara Kaneratonni Diabo, a Kanienkehaka (Mohawk) artist originally from the First Nations reserve Kahnawakein in Quebec.  

Check out the full programme on the festival’s website here and watch the festival’s trailer below. Don’t forget Montreal time is five hours behind UK time!

© Barbara Kaneratonni Diabo, Smudge
Bringing you international Screen Dance from Festival Quartiers Danse, Montreal