Artist in Residence – Brandwatch, 2016

As part of Brighton Digital Festival 2016, we held our first Artist Residency in a business, with Brighton tech company Brandwatch, who invited dance artist Janine Harrington to research and create in response to their global business analysing data through innovative technologies.

The residency was an 8 week experiment in digital and artistic creativity, alternative thinking and new ways of seeing – with no prescribed outcome…

It was a chance to explore what happens when Tech and Dance, Business and Culture collide and provided much fertile ground, placing everyone outside of their comfort zones in order to liberate creativity.

Check out the residency. If your appetite has been whetted let us know – you could be our next Artist in Residence host….

“If other companies in Brighton were to do the same thing, who knows what we could be capable of” 
Katja Garrood, Creative Director Brandwatch

“Why would you not”  
Janine Harrington Artist

© Brandwatch
Artist in Residence – Brandwatch, 2016