Announcing The Welcome Project artist commissions

Back in December we put a call-out for artists interested in creating work with the groups we’re collaborating with as part of The Welcome Project.  We are delighted to announce that we have commissioned four artists to work with our friends at Brooke Mead Extra Care Facility, Brighton Unemployed Centre Families Project, Brighton Youth Centre and Puffin Community Nursery throughout May and June.

Contemporary dance and tango artist, Anna Alvarez, will work with young people at Brighton Youth Centre to evolve a piece based on early scenes in Shakespeare’s Romeo & Juliet, capturing the tension between the feuding Montagues and Capulets and building up to the lavish masquerade ball where the lovers meet. With the support of carnival collective Mandinga Arts, participants will create their own masks and costumes to create a visually arresting, adrenaline-fuelled dance work.

Choreographer and creative practitioner, Anne Colvin, will be working with Brighton Unemployed Centre Families Project ona site specific exploration of personal stories connected with wilderness & nature.  IMPRINT will take participants on a journey to Devils Dyke and Brighton Beach to explore ideas through mark making, movement and writing to shape a performance. 

Choreographer and Pilates teacher, Anna Pearce, is fascinated by the moving body and curious about the connections that are to be found between movement and all aspects of life. Anna will be working with the residents at Brooke Mead Extra Care Facility, gathering stories, memories and cherished keepsakes to include in an installation that builds a picture of each individual, their experiences, the songs they like to sing and the tales they have to tell.

With a specialism in African Contemporary dance, Olivia Kerr has a formidable background in working with early years children, notably in Borneo as an English and dance teacher. She will work with the children at Puffin Community Nursery using games and objects to encourage exploration of how their bodies can translate the qualities of for example, something heavy, something spikey or something bouncy. 

We very much look forward to revealing more about these inspiring pieces as the work unfolds and showcasing these projects at this year’s Our City Dances festival on 29 and 30 June.

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Announcing The Welcome Project artist commissions