Align supported artist: Flexer & Sandiland

Many artists who receive funding on a project by project basis struggle to maintain their practice without the infrastructure they need to be able to develop their creative ideas and take advantage of opportunities as they come up. Our Align programme, established in 2018, seeks to address that by offering practical and financial support.

Artist duo Yael Flexer & Nic Sandiland are the second artists to be invited onto the Align programme. They create live & digital dance touring works for theatres, public spaces, galleries, screen & smartphones. Our Senior Producer Lou Rogers has been working with Yael and Nic since early 2019, helping to produce their new live work Acting Our Age – an intergenerational piece performed by a cast ranging in age from 20-75 and created in collaboration with choreographer Galit Liss.

“It’s been brilliant working with Lou and we’re very grateful for South East Dance’s support,” says Yael. “It has freed us up to think creatively about future projects, such as Acting Our Age, and embark on research for a new live & digital piece for 2021, Imagining Otherwise. As part of that research we’ve been exploring migration, transience and disappearance, using live video processing techniques usually associated with surveillance and applying them to dance. It’s the kind of creative headspace that is very difficult to find when one is trying to be all things in a very small team.”

As part of Acting Our Age, Flexer & Sandiland will be developing a dance programme for older people in Brighton & the south east. For further information and to register your interest contact Acting Our Age will be touring nationally from autumn 2020.

© Elli Passi
Align supported artist: Flexer & Sandiland