Creative & Business Development Programme – 2010-11

“I have genuinely felt a shift in my attitude which is making me feel more positive about my workload. At the moment they are small steps, but emotionally it is quite a big leap for me as I have gone from feeling swamped to putting together a strategy to better cope.” 
Abi Mortimer, Lila Dance Company

This programme provided tailored support for independent artists with two to three years professional experience and based in the South East. Support included advisory sessions with South East Dance staff exploring topics such as creative/project development, budgeting, application feedback, audience development, community engagement, and business planning. Previous artists who have benefitted from the programme include Urja Desai Thakore of Pagrav Dance Company in Milton Keynes; Nina Atkinson of Loop Dance Company in Kent; and Abi Mortimer of Lila Dance Company in Chichester.

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Creative & Business Development Programme – 2010-11

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