2020 Vision: Elinor Lewis

Elinor Lewis is a an internationally performed choreographer, based in Taunton, Somerset. The work she makes sits on the intersection of minimalist dance and installation.

Elinor Lewis. Photo: The Place

Elinor is interested in how people & objects interact and attitudes towards risk and women. Elinor’s work is architectural, including large, precariously balanced set designs that the performers interact with. 

Since graduating from Goldsmiths in 2017 with Artsadmin’s BANNER Award, Elinor has focused on developing and touring her first major work- Orchard (with Nuria Legarda Andueza). Orchard was part of Aerowaves Twenty19 and was performed throughout London in 2018 and internationally in 2019. Elinor’s work-in-development, TIMBER (with Hannah Parsons), was commissioned by The Place in 2019 and has been shared through Touch Wood and Dance Umbrella Studio Sessions. TIMBER’s final phase of development has been commissioned by The Place and DanceXchange through a DX Choreography Award and will run alongside Elinor’s workshop series Women with Wood.

Elinor Lewis' pick for 2020 Vision

Body Data
by Valerie Ebuwa

Elinor says: "I am drawn to Valerie Ebuwa’s Body Data because it dissects the layers of objectification, assumption and expectation that are placed on black women and their bodies.

"My most recent work TIMBER has been exploring how we see women and how we expect them to act. Because of this Body Data speaks to me on a creative and personal level, whilst peeling back layers of ingrained racial stereotyping that I, as a white woman, will never experience and need to challenge and understand.

"I am interested in what happens when women occupy space and take back their own narratives. I feel Valerie is doing this in Body Data. What is it to be seen, truly seen? In Body Data Valerie challenges us to see all of her. I see a woman grasping back ownership of her body and redefining the ways others see her. A powerful rebirthing."


On Body Data, Valerie says: "This film was incredibly important to make and always really scary to share so I’m super grateful to Elinor for picking it. The process was so freeing, getting to move and share without limitations. In terms of my general process, I’m still experimenting and figuring out how I like to work. I’m always questioning and staying open to new and better ways of engaging minds and hearts."


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Warning: This film contains nudity.