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South East Dance - The Environment Issue

Welcome to The Environment Issue.

5 June 2015 is World Environment Day; a day of celebration, awareness raising and galvanising individual actions into collective power to generate positive change. This month we are reflecting on the relationship between dance and the environment; how does the environment impact on us, and how do we impact on it?

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Dancing Close to the Edge

sholehjohnsonJulie's Bicycle is the leading global charity bridging the gap between environmental sustainability and the arts. Who better to kick us off this month than their Arts Manager, Sholeh Johnston, celebrating the progress we've made, and taking stock of how far we have yet to go.

Artists tell stories that enable us to understand our predicament and imagine our way out of it. Cultural experiences provide a space for reflection and inspiration, and provoke us to think and challenge our values and beliefs.


Q&A with Caroline Lucas

carolinelucasDr. Caroline Lucas is the only Green MP in the UK. This year she won an overwhelming majority of the vote in Brighton Pavilion, the home of South East Dance. She continues to be a staunch advocate for the protection of the environment, and is leading the way forward in Brighton.

Q: What is your guiltiest pleasure?

A: I try my best not to fly, because of the carbon emissions associated with it, but my oldest son is studying in the USA and I'm going to get on a plane to visit him.



A Provocation

williamyongThe issue of climate change and the impact it is having on the environment can feel overwhelming, so we decided to present two international dance artists with a provocation:

Dance doesn't have the power to make a difference to issues such as the environment.

William Yong and Prue Lang responded with verve.

The cultural weapons to make carbon the new "C-word" are within the dancer's arsenal, just as they are within the painter's and the writer's.


Charlotte Spencer - Snap Shot

charlottespencer1Charlotte Spencer is a dance artist who often creates work for public spaces, putting the audience at its heart. Her work builds communities and invites them to re-encounter their relationships to their lives and their environment.

South East Dance supported the creation of her work Walking Stories. We asked her to share a little about it with us here.

If the work itself endeavours to enable deeper connection to self, community and natural environments for its audience, then the process of creation needs to endeavour to live by those connections also.



spacetodanceSouth East Dance have just launched our Space To Dance campaign, helping to make The Dance Space happen. It is our ambition to provide an open and welcoming environment where all kinds of people can meet, create, discover and grow.

Charlotte Vincent regaled us with a compelling vision for The Dance Space at the launch: a meeting place, an open space, a place of connection, a place for trying things out, and poking things about, for getting fit and for having a laugh, a place for passing knowledge on... Click here to read the full vision.

Our work is only possible thanks to the support of people like you who are passionate about dance and value the contribution the arts make to all our lives.

Please get behind our campaign #SpaceToDance, and donate whatever you can to make The Dance Space a brilliant reality.

Striding Out of the Body and into the Mountain

simonekenyonSimone Kenyon is an artist, performer and producer, and has worked across dance, theatre and the environment. She has developed various walking projects for both urban and rural contexts.

She joined South East Dance in July last year for a DanSCe Dialogues 2 IdeasLab with Liz Lerman. We asked her to unravel a little of her practice for us.

The contstant reconfiguring of one's understanding, of how to interact with and relate to environments, is a key factor in dance making, whether inside a studio, on a street corner or the side of a mountain. After all, we are always in relation to something or someone or somewhere...


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